Laserlab-Europe Talk "KiMoPack - A python Package for Kinetic Modeling of the Chemical Mechanism"

Laserlab Europe is pleased to announce the next Laserlab Talk:
Jens Uhlig (Lund University, Sweden) will present KiMoPack, an analysis tool for the kinetic modeling of transient spectroscopic data.

KiMoPack enables a state-of-the-art analysis routine including data preprocessing and standard fitting (global analysis), as well as fitting of complex (target) kinetic models, interactive viewing of (fit) results, and multi-experiment analysis via user accessible functions and a graphical user interface (GUI) enhanced interface.

KiMoPack is open source and provides a comprehensive front-end for preprocessing, fitting and plotting of 2-dimensional data that simplifies the access to a powerful python-based data-processing system and forms the foundation for a well-documented, reliable, and reproducible data analysis.

Jens is an associate professor at the Division of Chemical Physics, in the Department of Chemistry, Lund University, and is an expert in time-resolved optical and X-ray methods, particularly on ultra-fast timescales.

Topic: KiMoPack - A python Package for Kinetic Modeling of the Chemical Mechanism
Jens Uhlig (Lund University, Sweden)
Date: Wednesday, 30 November 2022, 4pm CET

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The Laserlab-Europe Talks consist of a series of online seminars and panel discussions proposed and organised by our community on specific topics (thematic or research-specific) and provide a platform for regular information exchange and knowledge sharing.

The talks take place on a Wednesday afternoon at 16h00 CET each month and are open to all interested parties, from PhD students to experts in the field and industrial and medical partners as appropriate.