Laser Science and Technology Landscape Analysis presented by Laserlab-Europe and ELI at ICRI2022

Laserlab-Europe and ELI hosted a side-event on 19 October at the International Conference on Research Infrastructures 2022 and presented their forthcoming European Laser Science and Technology Landscape Analysis to over 70 participants from the European Commission and international representatives of research infrastructures.

The joint landscape analysis gives an overview of the complex landscape of laser-based RIs in Europe and of the services offered to the user community. The analysis provides the basis for identifying complementarities, aligning efforts and defining high‐level objectives for developing a roadmap for future evolution, taking into account the needs and requirements of the user community.

The presentation was moderated by Sylvie Jacquemot, Coordinator of Laserlab-Europe, and Allen Weeks, Director General of ELI ERIC.

The final European Laser Science and Technology Landscape Analysis will be published in early 2023.




The Extreme Light Infrastructure is the world's largest and most advanced high-power laser infrastructure and a global technology and innovation leader in high-power, high-intensity, and short-pulsed laser systems. It provides the international scientific community with access to leading experimental capabilities for a broad range of research applications. As the first ESFRI project to be fully implemented in the Central Eastern EU Member States, the Extreme Light Infrastructure incorporates three specialized and complementary facilities located in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.



Laserlab-Europe, the network of European Laser Research Infrastructures, brings together 46 leading organisations in laser-based inter-disciplinary research from 22 countries. Jointly, they are committed to coordinate operation and R&D efforts in order to facilitate the development of advanced lasers and laser-based technologies, and to promote the efficient utilisation of advanced laser facilities by users from academia and industry. The majority of the members provide open access to their facilities to scientists from all over the world to perform experiments in a large variety of inter-disciplinary research, covering advanced laser science and applications in most domains of research and technology.



The International Conference on Research Infrastructures is a major worldwide event providing an opportunity for strategic discussions about international cooperation with research infrastructures. Various experts and stakeholders from around the world discuss challenges and emerging trends, highlighting the essential role of research infrastructures.