Issue 30 of the Laserlab Newsletter published

Focus: Lasers and Clean Energy

Issue 30 of the Laserlab Newsletter is now available.

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In this issue:


  • Can advanced laser diagnostics help to develop metal fuels as a replacement to fossil fuels? (LLC, Sweden)
  • Enhanced hydrogen production through electrolysis by novel, laser-induced nanostructured nickel electrodes (ULF-FORTH, Greece)
  • Ultrafast optical spectroscopy sheds light on the primary steps of solar fuel production (CUSBO, Italy)
  • Using time-resolved spectroscopy to identify the excited states leading towards hydrogen generation (CLF, UK)
  • Pump-pump-probe spectroscopy sheds light on key reactions for artificial photosynthesis (ISMO, France)
  • How to improve the efficiency and stability of organic dyes for luminescent solar concentrators (LENS, Italy)
  • Using simulation, experiments and spectroscopy to improve the design of photocatalysts (IPHT, Germany)


  • Next-generation microscope to revolutionise the study of the cellular origin of diseases
  • National Calibration Laboratory for Time and Frequency approved (Republic of Croatia)
  • Przemysław Wachulak new Rector of Military University of Technology
  • New investment for VEGA
  • Analytical Research Infrastructures network founded


ERC Synergy Grant for the project TOMATTO led by Fernando Martín (IMDEA Nanoscience and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid), Mauro Nisoli (Politecnico di Milano) and Nazario Martín (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

ACCESS HIGHLIGHT AT CELIA: Distant study of electronic dynamics in caesium-lead and organolead halide perovskites

Luminescence spectra and kinetics as a function of excitation density were investigated for a series of halide perovskites using a luminescence z-scan technique in the temperature range from LHeT to RT. Thanks to the scientific expertise of the CELIA group and previous experience of the Russian team at the host facility the experiments could be performed remotely.

Editorial Team:

Rebecca Davenport, Daniela Stozno, Julia Michel

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