Issue 28 of the Laserlab Newsletter published

Issue 28 of the Laserlab Newsletter is now available.



In this issue:


  • Optical frequency metrology with frequency comb lasers (LaserLaB Amsterdam)
  • Ultrashort pulse metrology using TERMITES and INSIGHT (LIDYL, France)
  • In-situ focal spot metrology (CLPU, Spain)
  • Large optics metrology for the LMJ facility (CESTA, France)
  • Laser-induced damage threshold metrology of 3D microstructures (VULRC, Lithuania)
  • At-wavelength metrology of EUV and X-ray optics (LOA, France)
  • Measuring the influence of the temporal profile of laser pulses during target interactions (GSI, Germany)
  • All-optical, all-solid-state measurement of the waveform of ultrashort laser pulses (LLC, Sweden) >>>


  • New method for combining femtosecond laser beams
  • New Research Centre for Infectious Diseases in Jena
  • Virtual reality lab creates plasma experience
  • Combined building HFML-FELIX officially opened
  • An ultrafast glimpse of the atmosphere’s photochemistry



ERC Starting Grants for Dmitri Efetov (ICFO), Matteo Lucchini (POLIMI), Andreas Ehn (LLC), Mikkel Brydegaard (LLC) and Guillaume Salomon (MPQ) >>>

ACCESS HIGHLIGHT AT LIDYL: Creating 3D images with X-ray flashes using computer vision

In a recent Transnational Access project performed at French Laserlab partner LIDYL, an international team made up of researchers from Hannover, Hamburg, Lisbon and Paris-Saclay has now demonstrated a new imaging technique that enables reconstruction of a three-dimensional image based on a single acquisition, by combining computer vision and lensless imaging algorithms.


Editorial Team:

Tom Jeltes

Daniela Stozno, Julia Michel


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