Issue 26 of the Laserlab Newsletter published

Issue 26 of the Laserlab Newsletter is now available.


In this issue:


  • EUROfusion project Towards Inertial Fusion Energy
  • Hiper: building laser-driven fusion research in Europe
  • EUROfusion project on shock ignition
  • Laser plasma interaction experiments relevant for shock ignition at PALS
  • Relativistic electron beam collimation for electron fast ignition (LULI and CLPU)
  • Focused proton beams for fast ignition (CLF)
  • The Laser Mégajoule (LMJ) facility and its contribution to fusion energy
  • Simulating laser fusion (CLF)


  • Laserlab-Europe AISBL inaugurated
  • Lasers in popular science outreach at European Researchers' Night in Latvia
  • Atomic jet – the first lens for extreme-ultraviolet light
  • Fast method for cancer diagnosis
  • AWAKE: breakthrough plasma-based acceleration


ERC Starting Grants for Francesco Scotognella (POLIMI) and Benjamin Fingerhut (MBI), Consolidator Grant for Elias Kristensson (LLC)


Laserlab-Europe Foresight Workshop: The future of laser-based X-ray science and technology 

ACCESS HIGHLIGHT AT LASERLAB AMSTERDAM: Measuring the binding energy of molecular hydrogen to test fundamental physics

Seventy years after the development of quantum electrodynamic theory, the simple hydrogen molecule is still at the heart of the most stringent tests of our most successful physical models. A recent Laserlab-Europe transnational access collaboration between the groups of Wim Ubachs (LaserLaB Amsterdam) and Frédéric Merkt (ETH Zürich) led to the most accurate experimental determination so far (one part in a billion) of the binding energy of the hydrogen molecule. The results have been published in Physical Review Letters.


Editorial Team:

Tom Jeltes

Daniela Stozno, Julia Michel


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