Issue 24 of the Laserlab Newsletter published

Issue 24 of the Laserlab Newsletter is now available.


In this issue:

FOCUS: Lasers for Materials Science

  • Laser based fluorescence microscopy (CLF, UK)
  • Laser-made 3D zinc oxide nanostructures (IECSL-FORTH, Greece)
  • A new look at ultrafast phase trancitions (ICFO, Spain)
  • Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) microscope for imaging of nanostructures (MUT, Poland)
  • Pulse shaping for improved femto-second ablation (IST, Portugal and CLPU, Spain)
  • Mechanisms of laser-induced ablation in dielectrics (SLIC, France)
  • Magnetic field imaging using nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond (ULLC, Latvia)
  • Light absorption by titanium dioxide (LACUS, Switzerland)


  • Laserlab-Europe members and associate partners meet in Bordeaux
  • Time limit for ultrafast perovskite solar cells quantyfied (CUSBO, Italy)
  • Ultrashort photoemission time of electrons clocked (LLC, Sweden)
  • Quantum internet goes hybrid (ICFO, Spain)
  • High resolution without particle accelerator (HIJ, Germany)


  • ERC Starting Grants for Andreas Reiserer (MPQ) and Simon Wall (ICFO)
  • ERC Consolidator Grants for Tomáš Čižmár (IPHT) and Nicola Poli (LENS)


EUCALL completes Mid Term Review and 2nd Annual Meeting


Gold clusters: gentle bond breakers.


Editorial Team:

Tom Jeltes

Daniela Stozno, Julia Michel


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