Introducing the African Physics Newsletter

Laserlab-Europe is pleased to introduce the inaugural issue of The African Physics Newsletter, an online publication for and by the African physics community.

The newsletter is the result of a survey of African physics that was conducted by the Physics in Africa Project. This project was a cooperative effort by the South African Institute of Physics, the European Physical Society, theInternational Centre for Theoretical Physics, the UK Institute of Physics, and the American Physical Society (APS). The goal of the project was to assess the state of physics in various African nations, and then identify specific initiatives the international physics community could take to help those nations promote physics in their countries.

One of the key needs identified by the survey was demand for better means of communication with and among African physicists. This newsletter seeks to help fill that need. It will serve as a vehicle for African physicists to communicate among themselves as well as to share with their peers outside of Africa information about the physics that is being conducted across the continent.

You can read the newsletter or join the mailing list here >>