EUCALL initiates a Staff Exchange Program

The European Cluster of Advanced Laser Light Sources (EUCALL) has initiated a staff Exchange Program in which staff of EUCALL facilities (in particular young scientists) will be given the opportunity to develop a technical and instrumental background participating as visitors during periods of commissioning, internal, or users beamtime at different facilities. We include any employee from a EUCALL facility, not only those people working within EUCALL.

The Exchange Program will allow improvement of the average know-how of facility staff giving them the unique opportunity to develop personal experience on photon science experiments at different energy ranges from optical light, to XUV, to hard X-rays, facing different problems related to different classes of experiments (diffraction imaging, scattering, femtochemistry, atomic spectroscopy, etc.).

A simple example could be a week-long visit from a FERMI scientist to a group at FLASH (or vice versa), however we particularly encourage "cross-community" exchange between accelerator and optical laser facilities (for example an employee from an ELI pillar visiting European XFEL or ESRF).

EUCALL will reimburse travel and accommodation costs for the exchange.

Further information and an application form can be found at: