Laserlab User Training Workshop on Time-Resolved Technologies, Vestec, Czech Republic, 20 - 22 June 2018

Laserlab Europe, in cooperation with BIOCEV and ELI Beamlines, is announcing the Laserlab User Training Workshop on Time-Resolved Technologies at the premises of Biocev, Vestec (near Prague).

Training topics

The workshop will focus on the promotion of techniques utilizing time-resolved detection of photons and their applications in medicine, biology, chemistry, materials and sensoric sciences, with emphasis given particularly to time-resolved spectroscopy, imaging, advanced microscopy and tomography, as well as data analysis and practical implementations. In the practical training we will utilize the extensive instrumental infrastructure for time-resolved imaging and spectroscopy available at BioCev and ELI Beamlines.


  • To attract new European users and train a new generation of researchers to employ time-resolved technologies in their professional studie
  • To gather the general basics on concepts of time-resolution in biomedical photonics applications, including time-resolved spectroscopy and imaging, multiphoton microscopy and optical coherent tomography
  • To acquire an overview on the state-of the art of time-resolved technologies and their applications in medicine, biology, chemistry and materials sciences
  • To learn how to design optical experiment, how to employ appropriate laser light sources for time-resolved techniques, as well as to comprehend how to record and analyze complex data
  • To build a network of new potential users within the European laser community, to exchange knowledge among participants and initiate collaborations

Registration is free for a limited number of participants; travel grants are available upon request.

Further information and registration instructions may be found at the webpage of the training school.