360 CARLA: A New Horizon in Photonics Career Development

After the success of the CARLA project, the European consortium, coordinated by ICFO, has launched the 360 CARLA project, a comprehensive career development initiative aimed at shaping the future of photonics professionals.

The 360 CARLA project signifies a collective commitment to foster the next generation of photonics leaders, encouraging innovation, diversity, and growth in the field. The project brings together a consortium of 12 partners, including ICFO (coordinator of the project), Photonics Austria, Max Born Institute, Politecnico di Milano, Institut d’Optique, International Laser Centre, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Delft University of Technology, Photonics Sweden, Photonics Finland, European Optical Society, and SwissPhotonics as an associated partner.

The 360 CARLA project is a 2.5-year European Union-funded endeavour that builds upon the achievements of CARLA. It aspires to create cohesive career development programs focusing on four application verticals: Health (Biotech and Medical Photonics), Quantum Technologies and Communications, Energy, Environment, and Sustainability, and Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

Key components of the 360 programs encompass themed symposiums in a hybrid format, inspired by the successful CARLA camps. Additionally, specialized training workshops and organizational visits aim to enrich innovation and entrepreneurship experiences. Mentoring opportunities and networking sessions will be integrated to these components.