Training Course on Intense Lasers, 27-31 May 2024, Talence (Bordeaux), France

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  • When May 27, 2024 to May 31, 2024 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)
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Laserlab-Europe organises a Training Course on Intense Lasers that will be held on 27-31 May 2024 at the PYLA-ALPHANOV Training Center in Talence (Bordeaux), France.

The PYLA training center provides training courses in the fields of lasers, optics and photonics since 2005. Located in the Institute of Optics of Aquitaine, the PYLA training center operates teaching rooms and optical laser laboratories fully dedicated to education and training for professionals.

Application for this 5-day training course is now open and we invite PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and professionals to submit their applications as soon a s possible. The training will cover the theoretical background during the courses, hands-on practice during lab work as well as computations and simulations. The training will address the following topics: intense laser architecture; femtosecond laser sources (oscillators); amplification (fiber and solid state), beam handling and focusing; non-linear optics: frequency conversion; laser diagnostics and beam shaping.

5 days of theory and practice,
✔ more than 10 expert trainers in the field,
12 sessions of tutorials or lab works.

Attendance is limited to 12 participants. All applications are welcome. Applications from scientists in Ukraine are encouraged. Please, apply by filling in the pre-registration form and submitting it through the application page

Deadline for applications
Deadline for applications was 24 March 2024. Applications are closed.

Registration fee
There is no registration fee. Travel and accommodation will be covered by Laserlab-Europe.


Training course details

• Understand basic and advanced principles of intense laser systems
• Master theoretical models and relevant computer simulations

Training course content

  • Laser Architecture
    • Laser parameters ;
    • Which laser for a given application?;
    • Complex systems ;
  • Laser source (oscillators)
    • Principles ;
    • Laser materials and oscillating modes (temporal);
    • Cavity effects and pumping schemes, benefits of diode pumping scheme;
  • Amplification, beam handling and focusing
    • Amplification strategies and techniques ;
    • Constraints: gain management, thermal issues and pumping sources;
    • Beam cleaning and smoothing, optical isolation Focalisation;
  • Non Linear Optics: Frequency conversion and laser tunability
    • Non linear optics principles ;
    • Principle of widely tunable laser sources;
    • Frequency doubling and frequency mixing ;
    • Non linear effects in beam propagation ;
    • Recent applications of NLO ;
  • Laser diagnostics and beam management
    • Spatio-temporal metrology ;
    • Spatio-temporal control ;
  • Labs- Simulations and codes

• Teachers, scholars
• Users, designers
• Graduate students

• Master degree in Physics

Training course organisation

Pedagogical Team
• Session Chair: Prof. Eric CORMIER – Bordeaux University and Institut d'Optique
• Experts, academics and engineers.

Pedagogical and technical approach
• Theoretical background
• Practice and lab work
• Computation and simulations


Daniela Stozno