Laserlab-Europe Talks

Laserlab-Europe represents outstanding scientific and technical skills and world-leading know-how which is distributed among its partners.

Laserlab-Europe Talks, a series of online events on a variety of topics (thematic or research-specific) of common interest, are providing a platform for regular information exchange and knowledge sharing on these skills and know-how. Interested scientists in the respective field, inside and outside the network, are invited to participate.

The talks will take place bi-weekly every second and fourth Wednesday afternoon at 16:00 CET on Zoom.

Scheduled Talks for 2022: 




25 May 2022

Wolf von Klitzing  (ULF-FORTH)

Matterwave Optics as a key Quantum Technology

08 June 2022

Nico Hoffman (HZDR)

AI for X-ray scattering

22 June 2022

Kasra Amini (MBI)

Ultrafast electron diffraction

postponed until further notice

Diana Gorlova (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University)

Ultra-high charge electron beam generation using TW-class femtosecond laser system

Past Talks:

Here's a list of our past events. 




9 February 2022

Mangirdas Malinauskas (VULRC)

Multi-photon 3D lithography for sub-100 nm additive manufacturing of inorganics

23 February 2022

Paola Taroni (CUSBO), Luis Arnaut (CLL), Jithin Jose (FUJIFILM Visualsonics), Jan Grimm (MSKC New York) - Moderator: Giannis Zacharakis (ULF-FORTH)

Next generation imaging and image-guided diagnosis and therapy for cancer

23 March 2022

Akshay Rao (Cambridge University), Benedetto Bozzini (POLIMI), Emmanuel Stratakis (ULF FORTH)

Lasers and batteries 

6 April 2022

Sébastien le Pape (LULI)

Ignition, a dream that came true 

4 May 2022

Turgut Durduran (ICFO)

Adapting to an emerging pandemic to find a role for medical optics in COVID-19 patients and more

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