Laserlab-Europe Talks

Laserlab-Europe represents outstanding scientific and technical skills and world-leading know-how which is distributed among its partners.

Laserlab-Europe Talks, a series of online events on a variety of topics (thematic or research-specific) of common interest, are providing a platform for regular information exchange and knowledge sharing on these skills and know-how. Interested scientists in the respective field, inside and outside the network, are invited to participate.

The talks take place once a month on Wednesday afternoon at 16:00 CET on Zoom.

Watch the recordings of past talks on the Laserlab-Europe YouTube channel.


Upcoming Talks




4 October 2023
(3pm CEST)

Jens Biegert
(ICFO, Spain)

Time-resolving energy dissipation pathways in materials

25 October 2023

Fábio A. Schaberle
(CLL, Portugal)

Photoacoustic tomography – basic principles and preclinical studies


Previous Talks




20 September 2023

Janis Spigulis (University of Latvia)

RGB lasers in dermatology and endoscopy

21 June 2023

Valeria Istokskaia (ELI Beamlines)

A multi-MeV Alpha Particle Source via Proton-Boron fusion driven by a 10-GW Tabletop Laser

26 April 2023

Gerhard Paulus (Helmholtz Institute Jena)

Towards the detection of vacuum birefringence

29 March 2023

Sandra Bruenken (FELIX Laboratory)

Complex molecules in stellar nurseries

22 February 2023

Luis Silva (IST)

Extreme plasma physics with lasers and in astrophysics

14 December 2022

Birgitta Schultze-Bernhardt
(IEP-TU Graz)

Dual Comb Spectroscopy for Electronic Fingerprint Spectroscopy

30 November 2022

Jens Uhlig (Lund University)

KiMoPack - A python Package for Kinetic Modeling of the Chemical Mechanism

19 October 2022

Dave Clarke (CLF)

Laser microscopy for the study of infectious diseases

22 June 2022

Gabriele Cristoforetti (INO-CNR)

Investigations of Laser-Plasma Interaction and hot electron generation in Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion: approaching to the Shock Ignition irradiation regime

08 June 2022

Nico Hoffmann (HZDR)

AI for X-ray scattering

25 May 2022

Wolf von Klitzing (ULF-FORTH)

Matterwave Optics as a key Quantum Technology

4 May 2022

Turgut Durduran (ICFO)

Adapting to an emerging pandemic to find a role for medical optics in COVID-19 patients and more

6 April 2022

Sébastien le Pape (LULI)

Ignition, a dream that came true

23 March 2022

Akshay Rao (Cambridge University), Benedetto Bozzini (POLIMI), Emmanuel Stratakis (ULF FORTH)

Lasers and batteries

23 February 2022

Paola Taroni (CUSBO), Luis Arnaut (CLL), Jithin Jose (FUJIFILM Visualsonics), Jan Grimm (MSKC New York)

Next generation imaging and image-guided diagnosis and therapy for cancer

9 February 2022

Mangirdas Malinauskas (VULRC)

Multi-photon 3D lithography for sub-100 nm additive manufacturing of inorganics