Postdoctorial Fellow in time-resolved crystallography of hydrogenases, Uppsala University, Sweden

We are searching for a postdoc to join the Senger and Westenhoff research groups at the Department of Chemistry at Uppsala University to study fundamental principles of hydrogen conversion in redox enzymes. Our groups develop new trigger concepts to investigate enzymes via serial crystallography to fundamentally understand catalysis on a structural level. The Postdoctoral Fellowship will offer the successful candidate an opportunity to deepen their knowledge on serial crystallography and the artificial light activation of redox enzymes.

Responsibilities: The postdoc will be responsible for leading serial crystallography research at synchrotrons and free electron laser sources on artificial light activated [FeFe]-hydrogenases. Tasks include development of crystallization and photoactivation conditions, experiments at international user facilities, data analysis and interpretation as well as mentoring students, and writing/presenting publications. Within this project the postdoc will be supported to develop an own independent research direction to start an independent career.

Qualifications: We primarily seek candidates with experience in (time-resolved) crystallography and/or protein spectroscopy. Desired expertise includes experience with redox enzyme biochemistry. Experience in writing proposals and carrying out experiments at synchrotrons and/or X-ray free electron lasers is also a plus.

Interested applicants please send a CV and cover letter to We will continuously interview until the position is filled. Our intended start date is July 1st 2024 for a term of 2 years, but adjustments can be made if necessary.