Postdoctoral Position Microstructural Dynamics of Shock Compression, Stanford University, USA

Now hiring for a postdoctoral scholar to serve in the Dresselhaus-Marais research group at Stanford University to study the microstructural dynamics of shock compression in high-strength and compositionally complex materials. Our group uses and develops the cutting edge of materials imaging and characterization tools to understand the connection between microstructure and properties at a range of conditions and strain rates. This position will offer the winning candidate an opportunity to learn from our expertise in imaging science to study the shock-induced microstructural dynamics of shocked solid materials.

Responsibilities: This postdoc will be responsible for leading research projects on shock compression. This includes leading experiments at national/international user facilities, performing data analysis and interpretation from those experiments, mentoring graduate students, and writing/presenting publications. Opportunities will be made available for the postdoc to start their own independent research directions to help guide them in starting their independent careers.

Qualifications: Seeking candidates with experience in dynamic compression experiments using high-energy lasers and/or gas guns, and who have shown strong publication records. Desired expertise includes experience with VISAR, X-ray diffraction, and scientific computing for data analytics. Experience writing proposals and carrying out experiments at synchrotrons and/or X-ray free electron lasers is also preferred, though not required.

Interested applicants should send their CV and a cover letter to Candidates will be interviewed on an ongoing basis until the position is filled. Our intent is for a start date of July 1st 2024 for a term of 2 years, but adjustments can be made as needed.