PostDoc position on XUV metrology from wavefront measurement and coherent diffractive imaging at CEA-LIDYL

Postdoc position opened at CEA-Saclay (Paris, France) in the field of EUV metrology

The DICO Group in Saclay is opening an experimental postdoc position.

The use of very short wavelength light is developing rapidly in a wide variety of fields (radiotherapy, lithography, academic research, attophysics, etc.). This type of radiation imposes severe constraints on the quality of the optical elements used. However, the current techniques of control offer limited resolutions as they are based on the use of visible radiation, or are performed once installed in their final environment. CEA/LIDYL and the French SME Imagine Optic have developed a laser based beamline providing high photon flux in the 20-40 nm range with the aim of developing new methods for at wavelength characterization of EUV optics, based on the use of wavefront sensing technologies and ptychographic coherent diffractive imaging.

The successful applicant will work in the framework of LIDYL/Imagine Optic join laboratory NanoLite1 to keep improving the beamline. He will work closely with Imagine Optic engineers to develop procedures adapted to each measurement.

The research project will take place in the NanoLight facility at CEA, a new lab hosting the NanoLite join laboratory. NanoLite beamline is based on a new laser source (a 100 kHz, 20 W, mid-infrared fiber laser post-compressed to 50 fs pulse duration) coupled to a compact high order harmonic generation setup to convert the wavelength range to the EUV domain.

Post-doc candidates should have skills in X-ray or EUV ultrafast laser science, diffractive imaging or metrology. We require autonomy and leadership (please provide at least 2 letters of recommendation). You will interact daily with the Ultrafast NanoLight team (2 senior scientists, 2 to 3 post-docs and 3 PhD students)2 and will benefit from the support of Imagine Optic’s engineers. Screening of applicants will start immediately and continue until the position is filled.

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