Postdoc positions HHG Light Sources for Time Resolved Spectroscopy, LANL, New Mexico, USA

We are looking for outstanding candidates to fill multiple openings for experimental postdoctoral research associate positions in tabletop, soft x-ray spectroscopy and imaging of condensed phase materials. The postdoc projects are part a of a multidisciplinary collaboration between multiple scientists across divisions at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) doing static and ultrafast time-resolved spectroscopy, chemical synthesis and thin-film growth, instrument design, coherent diffractive imaging, and theory to describe photo-physics and static shallow-core absorption spectra. The successful candidate(s) contribution to this work will be the daily operation of an existing higher order harmonic generation (HHG) light source and participation in the development of a new HHG soft x-ray light source. The postdoc(s) work will focus on static and ultrafast time-resolved absorption and/or emission spectroscopy in the extreme ultraviolet and soft x-ray spectral ranges, building and running a coherent diffractive imaging setup, and ultimately combining spectroscopy and imaging for spectrally resolved imaging of different kinds of solid samples.