Post-doctoral position X-ray Microscopy, Rosalind Franklin Institute, University of Southampton, UK

As part of a new project which is a collaboration between the University of Southampton, the Rosalind Franklin Institute, and the Central Laser Facility of the STFC, we invite applications for a Post-doc/Senior Post-doc in X-ray microscopy.

The project, recently funded by the EPSRC, will design and construct a lab-scale soft X-ray microscope for biological imaging using soft X-rays generated using ultrafast lasers and applying coherent diffractive imaging techniques. The successful applicants will be part of a multidisciplinary team constructing a new laser laboratory at the Rutherford Appleton Labs in Harwell, home of the most powerful femtosecond lasers in the UK, and of the Rosalind Franklin Institute (RFI), a UK research institute with a focus in biological imaging using several complementary modalities and radiations. The lab will be based around a new generation of femtosecond laser sources which produce high energy femtosecond pulses in the infrared at average powers that are a factor of 100 higher than typical femtosecond lasers.

The post will be based on the Harwell Campus and employed by the Rosalind Franklin Institute. The role will involve the construction and operation of a new ultrafast laser laboratory on the Harwell campus for biological imaging applications. Key areas for development are the generation of high flux water window X-ray pulses, and the construction and operation of an experimental scattering chamber for imaging with coherent X-rays. The applicant will work with a new high average power femtosecond laser source and oversee the development of efficient methods for generation of highly-coherent soft X-rays in the water window with high efficiency.


Informal queries are welcome, please email Dr Bill Brocklesby,, or Dr Emma Springate,