PhD position Dynamic X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging, ONERA, Palaiseu, France

The team of the Physics Department at ONERA (Palaiseau, France) is looking for a candidate for a fully funded 3-years PhD position in the Lightning, Plasmas and Applications.

The aim of the thesis is to advance in laboratory the X-ray phase contrast imaging (XPCI) technique towards dynamic acquisition for the study of lightning strikes on aeronautical materials. The work will involve using CEA's XPCI modelling tools and ONERA's lightning modelling tools to generate phase contrast images of materials impacted by lightning. The modelled images will be compared with experimental images to help in the interpretation and analysis of the damage. The student will have the opportunity to validate his/her numerical developments by comparing them with experiments carried out either on a static XPCI bench available at CEA Saclay or on a dynamic XPCI bench during campaigns at the ESRF synchrotron in Grenoble.

This thesis is at the intersection of optical methods, X-ray imaging and the physics of material damage. For more details, I attach the announcement.

Deadline 1st December 2024