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Ultraviolet Laser Facility, Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
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The Ultraviolet Laser Facility (ULF-FORTH) is a multi-disciplinary scientific laboratory dedicated to laser-based science, supporting high quality basic and technological research. It is the major Laser Research Facility in Greece. ULF-FORTH combines state-of-the-art experimental facilities with a rich spectrum of research activities and scientific expertise and offers an intellectual environment, ideal for fostering new ideas and advancing scientific research. Active areas of research at ULF-FORTH are: Strong Field Physics, including Attosecond Science and Ultrashort Non-linear Interactions and Sources; Dynamic Processes in Atoms, Molecules and Materials including Polarization Spectroscopy, BEC & Matter Waves, Chemical dynamics, Cluster Physics & chemistry; Theoretical Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics including Theoretical Quantum Optics & Technology, Theoretical Plasma Physics, Theoretical & Computational Chemistry; Photon Science Applications including Photonic Materials & Devices, Nonlinear Lithography, Ultra-fast Laser Micro- & Nano- Processing, Diagnostic Methodologies & Instrumentation, Photonics for Cultural Heritage, Biophotonics.

Excellence: Scientists at ULF-FORTH produce internationally recognized cutting-edge work in diverse fields including among others Attosecond Science & Metrology, Chemical Reaction Dynamics, Polarization Spectroscopy, Chemical Dynamics, Ultrafast Laser Materials Processing and Nanofabrication, Magneto-optic and metamaterials, and applications of novel laser-based techniques relevant to Cultural Heritage applications and Biomaterials. ULF-FORTH has been designated by several EC technical reviews, as well as independent evaluation panels, as an “excellent scientific environment for research work”. ULF-FORTH is an integral part of IESL which was awarded the mark 5.0/5.0 (“excellent”) and ranked as the top Institute in the Greek Research Community in the domain of Physics, by independent external panel of expert Reviewers.


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