Publications 2019

Title Author Reference Year Url / DOI
3D Printed Photoresponsive Materials for Photonics Nocentini, S., Martella, D., Parmeggiani, C., Wiersma, D. S. Adv. Opt. Mater. 7, 1900156 2019
A fiber-tip photoacoustic sensor for in situ trace gas detection Zhou, S., and D. Iannuzzi Rev. Sci. Instrum. 90, 023102 2019
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Biomimetic Polymer Film with Brilliant Brightness Using a One‐Step Water Vapor–Induced Phase Separation Method Zou, W., L. Pattelli, J. Guo, S. Yang, M. Yang, N. Zhao, J. Xu, D. S. Wiersma Adv. Funct. Mater. 29, 1808885 2019
Competing Nonlinear Delocalization of Light for Laser Inscription Inside Silicon with a 2-µm Picosecond Laser Chambonneau, M., L. Lavoute, D. Gaponov, V.Y. Fedorov, A. Hideur, S. Février, S. Tzortzakis, O. Utéza, and D. Grojo Phys. Rev. Applied 12, 024009 2019
Development of Light-Responsive Liquid Crystalline Elastomers to Assist Cardiac Contraction Ferrantini, C., J. M. Pioner, D. Martella, R. Coppini et al. Circ. Res. 124, e44 2019
Disentangling Spectral Phases of Interfering Autoionizing States from Attosecond Interferometric Measurements Barreau, L., C. L. M. Petersson, M. Klinker, A. Camper et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 253203 2019
Exciton Trapping Dynamics in DNA Multimers Borrego-Varillas, R., G. Cerullo, and D. Markovitsi J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 10, 1639 2019
Experimental Demonstration of Ultrafast THz Modulation in a Graphene-Based Thin Film Absorber through Negative Photoinduced Conductivity Tasolamprou, A.C., A.D. Koulouklidis, C. Daskalaki, C. P. Mavidis et al. ACS Photonics 6, 720 2019
Fully Coupled Model for Frequency Response Simulation of Miniaturized Cantilever-Based Photoacoustic Gas Sensors Zhou, S. Sensors 19, 4772 2019
Hyperfine level structure in nitrogen-vacancy centers near the ground-state level anticrossing Auzinsh, M., A. Berzins, D. Budker, L. Busaite, R. Ferber, F. Gahbauer, R. Lazda, A. Wickenbrock, and H. Zheng Phys. Rev. B 100, 075204 2019
Imaging the Renner–Teller effect using laser-induced electron diffraction Amini, K., et al. PNAS 116, 8173 2019
Immersion photoacoustic spectrometer (iPAS) for arcing fault detection in power transformers Zhou, S., and D. Iannuzzi Opt. Lett. 44, 3741 2019
Influence of air humidity on 248-nm ultraviolet laser pulse filamentation Shutov, A.V., D.V. Mokrousova, V.Y. Fedorov, L.V. Seleznev et al. Opt. Lett. 44, 2165 2019
Long-scale multiphoton polymerization voxel growth investigation using engineered Bessel beams Manousidaki M, Papazoglou DG, Farsari M, Tzortzakis S Opt. Mater. Express 9, 2838 2019
Mid-Infrared Polarization Spectroscopy Measurements of Species Concentrations and Temperature in a Low-Pressure Flame Sahlberg, A.-L., D. Hot, R. Lyngbye-Pedersen, J. Zhou, M. Aldén, Z. Li Appl. Spectroscopy 73, 653-664 2019
Modulation of Optical Properties in Liquid Crystalline Networks across Different Length Scales De Bellis, I., D. Martella, C. Parmeggiani, E. Pugliese, M. Locatelli, R. Meucci, D. S. Wiersma, and S. Nocentini J. Phys. Chem. C 123, 26522 2019
Multichannel remote polarization control enabled by nanostructured liquid crystalline networks Zanotto, S., F. Sgrignuoli, S. Nocentini, D. Martella, C. Parmeggiani and D. S. Wiersma Appl. Phys. Lett. 114, 201103 2019
Non-invasive photoacoustic detection of hidden underdrawings in paintings using air-coupled transducers Tserevelakis, GJ, P Siozos, A Papanikolaou, K Melessanaki, G Zacharakis Ultrasonics 98, 94-98 2019
On-line photoacoustic monitoring of laser cleaning on stone: Evaluation of cleaning effectiveness and detection of potential damage to the substrate Tserevelakis, G J, J S Pozo-Antonio, P Siozos, T Rivas, P Pouli, G Zacharakis J. Cultural Heritage 35, 108-115 2019
Opposite Self-Folding Behavior of Polymeric Photoresponsive Actuators Enabled by a Molecular Approach Martella, D.; Nocentini, S.; Antonioli, D.; Laus, M.; Wiersma, D.S.; Parmeggiani, C. Polymers 11, 1644 2019
Optimized White Reflectance in Photonic‐Network Structures Utel, F., Cortese, L., Wiersma, D. S., Pattelli, L. Adv. Opt. Mater. 7, 1900043 2019
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Self‐Regulating Capabilities in Photonic Robotics Martella, D., S. Nocentini, C. Parmeggiani, D. S. Wiersma Adv. Mater. Technol. 4, 1800571 2019
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