Publications 2016

Title Author Reference Year Url / DOI
Design criteria for ultrafast optical parametric amplifiers Manzoni, C. and G. Cerullo J. Opt. 18, 103501 2016
Enhanced terahertz wave emission from air-plasma tailored by abruptly autofocusing laser beams Liu, K., A. D. Koulouklidis, D. G. Papazoglou, S. Tzortzakis, and X.-C. Zhang Optica 3, 605-608 2016
Estimation of damped oscillation associated spectra from ultrafast transient absorption spectra van Stokkum, IHM, Jumper CC, Snellenburg JJ, Scholes GD, van Grondelle R, Malý P J. Chem. Phys. 145, 174201 2016
Influence of orbital symmetry on diffraction imaging with rescattering electron wave packets Pullen, M. G., B. Wolter, A.-T. Le, M. Baudisch, M. Sclafani, H. Pires, C. D. Schröter, J. Ullrich, R. Moshammer, T. Pfeifer, C. D. Lin, J. Biegert Nature Communications 7, 11922 2016
Molecular frame photoemission by a comb of elliptical high-order harmonics: a sensitive probe of both photodynamics and harmonic complete polarization state Veyrinas, K; Gruson, V; Weber, SJ; Barreau, L; Ruchon, T; Hergott, JF; Houver, JC; Lucchese, RR; Salieres, P; Dowek, D Faraday Discuss. 194, 161-183 2016
Spectral bandwidth scaling laws and reconstruction of THz wave packets generated from two-color laser plasma filaments Koulouklidis, A. D., V. Y. Fedorov, and S. Tzortzakis Phys. Rev. A 93, 033844 2016
Two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy in the ultraviolet by a birefringent delay line Borrego-Varillas, R., A. Oriana, L. Ganzer, A. Trifonov, I. Buchvarov, C. Manzoni, and G. Cerullo Opt. Express 24, 28491-28499 2016
Ultrafast electron diffraction imaging of bond breaking in di-ionized acetylene Wolter, B., M. G. Pullen, A.-T. Le, M. Baudisch, K. Doblhoff-Dier, A. Senftleben, M. Hemmer, C. Dieter Schröter, J. Ullrich, T. Pfeifer, R. Moshammer, S. Gräfe, O. Vendrell, C. D. Lin, J Biegert Science 354, 308 2016