Publications 2014

Title Author Reference Year Url / DOI
3D numerical simulation of Yb:YAG active slabs with longitudinal doping gradient for thermal load effects assessment Ferrara, P., M. Ciofini, L. Esposito, J. Hostasa, L. Labate, A. Lapucci, A. Pirri, G. Toci, M. Vannini, L.A. Gizzi Opt. Express 22, 5375 2014
16.6 J chirped femtosecond laser pulses from a diode-pumped Yb:CaF2 amplifier Kessler, A., M. Hornung, S. Keppler, F. Schorcht, M. Hellwing, H. Liebetrau, J. Körner, A. Sävert, M. Siebold, M. Schnepp, J. Hein, and M.C. Kaluza Opt. Lett. 39, 1333-1336 2014
32-fs Kerr-lens mode-locked Yb:CaGdAlO4 oscillator optically pumped by a bright fiber laser Sévillano, P., P. Georges, F. Druon, D. Descamps, E. Cormier Opt. Lett. 39, 6001 2014
Cladding waveguides realized in Nd:YAG ceramic by direct femtosecond-laser writing with a helical movement technique Salamu, G., F. Jipa, M. Zamfirescu, and N. Pavel Opt. Mater. Express 4, 790-797 2014
Comprehensive studies of IR to UV light intensification by nodular defects in HfO2/SiO2 multilayer mirrors Smalakys, L., G. Batavičiūtė, E. Pupka, A. Melninkaitis Proc. SPIE 9237, 92371I 2014
Compression of CEP-stable multi-mJ laser pulses down to 4 fs in long hollow fibers Böhle, F., M. Kretschmar, A. Jullien, M. Kovacs, M. Miranda, R. Romero, H. Crespo, U. Morgner, P. Simon, R. Lopez-Martens and T. Nagy Laser Phys. Lett. 11, 095401 2014
Decoupling chaotic amplification and nonlinear phase in high-energy thin-disk amplifiers for stable OPCPA pumping Fattahi, H., A. Schwarz, X.T. Geng, S. Keiber, D. E. Kim, F. Krausz, and N. Karpowicz Opt. Express 22, 31440-31447 2014
Defining optimal gradient doped Yb3+:YAG disk for room and cryogenic temperature operations Chanteloup, J.-C. et al. High Power Laser Science and Engineering 2, e35 2014
Direct carrier-envelope phase control of an amplified laser system Balčiūnas, T., T. Flöry, A. Baltuška, T. Stanislauskas, R. Antipenkov, A. Varanavičius, and G. Steinmeyer Opt. Lett. 39, 1669-1672 2014
Dispersion compensation by two-stage stretching in a 360 fs, 1.2 mJ Yb:CaF2 amplifier João, P., H. Pires, L. Cardoso, T. Imran, G. Figueira Opt. Express 22, 10097 2014
Full characterization of the amplified spontaneous emission from a diode-pumped high-power laser system Keppler, S., M. Hornung, R. Bödefeld, A. Sävert, H. Liebetrau, J. Hein, and M.C. Kaluza Opt. Express 22, 11228-11235 2014
High-flux table-top soft x-ray source driven by sub-2-cycle, CEP stable, 1.85-μm 1-kHz pulses for carbon K-edge spectroscopy Cousin, S.L., F. Silva, S. Teichmann, M. Hemmer, B. Buades, and J. Biegert Opt. Lett. 39, 5383-5386 2014
Intracavity quartz-enhanced photoacoustic sensor Borri, S., P. Patimisco, I. Galli, D. Mazzotti, G. Giusfredi, N. Akikusa, M. Yamanishi, G. Scamarcio, P. De Natale and V. Spagnolo Appl. Phys. Lett. 104, 091114 2014
Mid-infrared frequency comb for broadband high precision and sensitivity molecular spectroscopy Galli, I., S. Bartalini, P. Cancio, F. Cappelli, G. Giusfredi, D. Mazzotti, N. Akikusa, M. Yamanishi, and P. De Natale Opt. Lett. 39, 5050-5053 2014
Molecular Fine Structure from Water Window X-rays Cousin, S.L., F. Silva, S. Teichmann, M. Hemmer, and J. Biegert Optics and Photonics News, Optics 2014 Highlight, December 2014, p 58 2014
Multilayered YAG-Yb:YAG ceramics: manufacture and laser performance Esposito, L., J. Hostaša, A. Piancastelli, G. Toci, D. Alderighi, M. Vannini, T. Epicier, A. Malchère, G. Alombert-Goget and G. Boulon J. Mater. Chem. C 2, 10138-10148 2014
Numerical evaluation of ultrabroadband parametric amplification in YCOB Pires, H., M. Galimberti, G. Figueira JOSA B 31, 2608-2614 2014
Single-shot autocorrelator for extreme-ultraviolet radiation Kolliopoulos, G., et al. JOSA B 31, 926-938 2014
Table top TW-class OPCPA system driven by tandem femtosecond Yb:KGW and picosecond Nd:YAG lasers Stanislauskas, T., R. Budriūnas, R.Antipenkov, A. Zaukevičius, J. Adamonis, A. Michailovas, L. Giniūnas, R.Danielius, A.Piskarskas, A.Varanavičius Opt. Express 22, 1865-1870 2014
Temporal contrast control at the PHELIX petawatt laser facility by means of tunable sub-picosecond optical parametric amplification Wagner, F., J. Hein , J. Körner, J. Limpert ,M. Roth, T. Stoehlker , V. Bagnoud Appl. Phys. B 116, 429-435 2014
Thermal lens measurements in Yb-doped YAG, LuAG, Lu2O3, Sc2O3 ceramic lasers Pirri A, G Toci, M Ciofini, A Lapucci, L A Gizzi, L Labate, L Esposito, J Hostaša and M Vannini J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 497, 012013 2014
Toward separation of bulk and interface defects: damage probability analysis of thin film coatings Smalakys, L., G. Batavičiūtė, E. Pupka, A. Melninkaitis Proc. SPIE 9237, 92371Z 2014
Ultra-high contrast frontend for high peak power fs-lasers at 1030 nm Liebetrau, H., M. Hornung, A. Seidel, M. Hellwing, A. Kessler, S. Keppler, F. Schorcht, J. Hein, and M. C. Kaluza Opt. Express 22, 24776-24786 2014