Remote access to Laserlab-Europe facilities

Laserlab-Europe has restarted laboratory activities and user experiments. External user experiments can be planned as remote and on-site campaigns.

In the course of cautiously restarting our activities, remote access is offered to several of our labs during the coming months. If possible, access projects are carried out by the host lab's staff with no external user present in the lab, but supervising the experiments remotely.

Remote access can only be granted when the Principal Investigator and the host facility have reached an agreement on how to proceed. The projects will have to strictly respect the following rules:

  • Remote Access must be based on a strong and auditable involvement of the user(s).
  • The user(s) should be directly involved, usually on a daily basis, via video link, and must actively participate in the different steps and decisions during the experiment.
  • Proofs of such involvement (e.g. minutes of the video discussions on the lab books) shall be kept for audit purposes. The remote users shall fill a form certifying the amount of remote access provided to them (available from the host facility).

You are invited to discuss remote access options with the following facilities: CEA-LIDYL, CLF, CLL, CLPU, CNRS-CELIA, CNRS-LOA, CNRS-LP3, CUSBO, FELIX, FERMI, GSI, HZDR-ELBE, ICFO, LENS, LLAMS, LLC, MBI, ULF-FORTH, VULRC.

Research proposals for implementation in person on-site or remotely are welcome at any time. For further information and instructions, please see