EUROfusion Science Meeting on the European project on Inertial Fusion Energy, Wednesday 1st June 2022

The meeting aims to inform the EUROfusion community on the recent advances in the Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) research and on the initiative of a group of scientists to create a European Laser Fusion Center for the academic research and technology development towards the demonstration of ignition of fusion reactions and the feasibility of energy production. It will take place online on Wednesday 1st June 2022  from 15h00 to 17h00 CEST. 

Chair: Manolo Perlado

15:00 → 15:05 Introduction
Speaker: Vladimir Tikhonchuk (CELIA, France)

15:05 → 15:30 Experiments on NIF conducted in the burning plasma regime with inertial fusion implosions
Speaker: Alex Zylstra (LLNL, USA)

15:30 → 15:55 Direct drive target designs and experiments on OMEG
Speaker: Valeri Goncharov (LLE, USA)

15:55 → 15:20 European contributions to the physics of laser-plasma interactions and experiments on OMEGA and LMJ
Speaker: Arnaud Colaïtis (CELIA, France)

16:20 → 16:45 European project to the Inertial Fusion Energy
Speaker: Leonida Gizzi (INO, Italy)

16:45 → 17:05 General discussion


The meeting will be broadcasted via Zoom, please find below the connection details:
Passcode: 055176
Meeting ID: 815 4107 4598
Passcode: 055176
Passcode: 055176

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