9 April 2021 (Deadline), Multi-Petawatt Physics Prioritization (MP3) Workshop (Fall 2021), Call for White Papers

Call for White Papers - Deadline for white paper submissions is April 9th 2021.

Multi-Petawatt Physics Prioritization (MP3) Workshop - call for White Papers

The Multi-Petawatt Physics Prioritization workshop solicits white papers for potential scientific goals and flagship experiments, diagnostic needs and strategies, and visions for what a next-generation facility might require. Please use the provided template as a guideline for your white paper, available here. The white papers will be discussed during the virtual working group meetings to prepare for the workshop.

Deadline for white paper submissions is April 9th 2021.

Find more information about this call at https://mp3.lle.rochester.edu/white-papers/

Submit your white paper either by

Please also sign up for the MP3 mailing list at: https://forms.gle/o1Ji6mApkSuBJneM6.

Thanks and we hope to see you part of the MP3 process!

Antonino Di Piazza (MPIK)
Louise Willingale (U. Michigan)
Jon Zuegel (U. Rochester)
MP3 co-chairs