2-3 November 2021, Online workshop on condensed phase chemical dynamics, hosted by the European XFEL

We would like to invite you to participate in an online workshop hosted by the European XFEL on probing chemical dynamics using hard X-ray techniques. The workshop will have presentations covering the following topics:

  • XFEL facility representatives with an overview of the ways researchers are using hard X-ray instruments to answer chemical or biochemical questions using hard X-ray probes
  • XFEL management representatives with an overview of how facilities have encouraged chemical research using the various tools available to provide beam access (long-term proposals, standard configurations, scientific campaign proposals etc.)
  • research seminars from experienced researchers who have used a variety of XFEL facilities for their research
  • research seminars on topics of potential future areas of XFEL science

Due to the world-wide nature of our participants we have organized the workshop into two blocks in the morning and later afternoon. Registration and further information can be found at the conference site:

All presentations will be on Zoom and the links to the sessions will be posted on the workshop webpage in due course and circulated to the workshop registrants. This workshop will be followed with an in-person workshop in 2022 focused on new science opportunities in chemistry at the European XFEL.

Best regards,

Chris Milne


on behalf of the Scientific Program Committee:

Sakura Pascarelli
Philippe Wernet
Federico Boscherini
Wojciech Gawelda
Kelly Gaffney
Thomas Elsässer
Julia Weinstein
Leif Hammarström
Elena Grachova
György Vankó