Ultrafast spectroscopy PhD position in Wellington, New Zealand

PhD position available: Ultrafast spectroscopy of photo- and electroactive framework materials

Photo- and electroactive framework materials including metal organic frameworks (MOFs) and covalent organic frameworks (COFs) are promising catalytic artchitectures in which light and electricity is delivered to catalytic sites distributed throughout a porous frameworks. In this project, we will develop and apply ultrafast optical spectroscopy experiments to explore the limits of exciton and charge transport in these framework materials. Such materials feature well-defined and systematically tuned crystalline structures, with control over coupling between redox and chromophore units. In this project, we will explore structure-function relations by measuring exciton and charge diffusion coefficients using ultrafast optical spectroscopy, adapting methods we have pioneered for thin films, along with a novel timedomain single shot THz spectrometer for optical measurement of charge mobility.

We are seeking a highly motivated person with an excellent academic record and a good understanding of physical chemistry or experimental physics. Experience in optics and spectroscopy research is considered favourably. Applicants should have a chemistry or physics degree equivalent to the 4-year BSc (Honours) degree in New Zealand, with 1st class Honours, or an MSc or postgraduate Diploma. Candidates should satisfy the requirements for admission as a PhD candidate at Victoria University of Wellington.

The scholarship is provided by the MacDiarmid Institute – a New Zealand Centre of Research Excellence focusing on materials science for sustainability. As well as benefiting from extensive interdisciplinary collaboration networks in this project, PhD candidates in the MacDiarmid Institute are supported in a range of engagement and career development activities.

The scholarship provides a non-taxed stipend of NZ$30,000 per annum plus PhD tuition fees for three years.

To apply, please send a CV, academic record, and the names and contact details of two referees to: Justin.Hodgkiss@vuw.ac.nz with “PhD framework photophysics” in the subject line.