Ultrafast laser scientist position at UK's Central Laser Facility, Didcot, Oxfordshire, England

The Central Laser Facility is seeking a facility operations scientist with a background in ultrafast laser spectroscopy to join the ULTRA facility, in Oxfordshire, UK. ULTRA specialises in the provision of world-class high repetition-rate ultrafast vibrational spectroscopic techniques for multidisciplinary UK and international research in the physical and life sciences.

The ULTRA facility has recently been awarded major funding from the UKRI Infrastructure fund, to provide the next generation of ultrafast laser spectroscopy facilities, HiLUX.

Examples of our ultrafast spectroscopy systems include multi-dimensional spectroscopies (2D IR and 2D visible), advanced Raman spectroscopies (ultrafast stimulated Raman and Kerr-gated Raman), vibrational sum-frequency generation spectroscopy and broadband transient spectroscopies across femtosecond to second timescales.

There are opportunities to learn and develop your own knowledge and skills, publish your work, to participate in international conferences and to apply for facility beam-time or grants.

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Deadline for application: 2 October 2022