Ultrafast Laser Scientist at the Central Laser Facility, Didcot, Oxfordshire, England

The CLF is now seeking a scientist with a background in ultrafast laser science to join the Artemis and Ultra teams. Your primary responsibility will be to operate and maintain our new 100 kHz laser system, based on a thin-disk Yb:YAG pump laser and optical parametric chirped pulse amplification stages. The laser system will be used for a variety of experiments including high harmonic generation (HHG) and HHG spectroscopy, time-resolved photo-emission, x-ray transient absorption spectroscopy, ultrafast vibrational spectroscopy and Kerr-gated Raman spectroscopy. You will work with university research groups using the facility to help deliver these experiments. This may involve further development of the system, such as building optical parametric amplification or nonlinear compression stages. There will also be opportunities to work on experiments with our 1 kHz Ti:Sa laser system, including on gas-phase photoelectron spectroscopy.

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Deadline for application: 28 August 2022