Two RESOMUS fellowships available at SwissFEL, Villingen, Switzerland

SwissFEL hastwo postdoc fellowships available related to ultrafast x-ray sciences at the SwissFEL Alvra endstation. The postdoc positions are funded through the RESOMUS fellowship program within the Swiss National Center of Competence in Research: Molecular Ultrafast Science and Technology (NCCR-MUST).

The NCCR-MUST is an interdisciplinary research program launched by the Swiss National Science Foundation in 2010. It brings together 19 Swiss research groups working in Ultrafast Science across the fields of physics and chemistry with the guiding themes of watching atoms and electrons at work, observing the fastest processes in nature, and controlling atomic and electronic motion.

SwissFEL is Switzerland's X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL) facility at the Paul Scherrer Institute in Villigen, Switzerland delivering intense X-ray femtosecond pulses from 2-12 keV.  The Alvra endstation specializes in measuring the ultrafast dynamics of photochemical and photobiological systems using a variety of X-ray scattering and spectroscopic techniques.

We are looking for candidates for two RESOMUS postdoctoral fellowships who enjoy working in the highly collaborative environment at SwissFEL in the following areas:

Postdoc 1: Ultrafast x-ray spectroscopy for functional materials

We aim to probe the ultrafast electronic and structural dynamics in nanoscale photo-active functional materials, with a focus on following charge carrier relaxation processes after photoexcitation. The key question to be addressed is how the structure affects the dynamics and the resulting trapping processes. Your task will be to develop a research program around the Alvra experimental stations to use X-ray spectroscopic and scattering methods to probe colloidal suspensions of the material of interest. Ideally you have experience in hard X-ray spectroscopy methods, ultrafast optical techniques, or functional material development.

Postdoc 2: Light-induced phase transitions in nanocrystals.

We aim to investigate light-induced phase transitions in well-characterized covalent and metallic nanoparticles. The key questions are how light-induced phase transitions occur in such single-domain nanoparticles. Your task will be to adapt and commission a nanoparticle source to the Alvra endstation and perform ultrafast diffraction experiments in the hard x-ray regime. Ideally you have experience in hard x-ray diffraction, femtosecond crystallography, or nanoparticle sample delivery.

For details about the call and eligibility please check the RESOMUS criteria webpage. If you are eligible please send a pre-application including CV and short motivational statement to Chris Milne (Postdoc 1) or Claudio Cirelli / Christoph Bostedt (Postdoc 2). The RESOMUS call for applications has a deadline of January 31, 2020.