Two postdoctoral positions at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Two postdoctoral positions are available at Brown University (USA) for work in the groups of Peter M Weber and Adam Kirrander. The positions are available immediately, with one position primarily experimental and the second theoretical/computational. Exceptional individuals with both experimental and theoretical interests will also be considered.  

The experimental position will focus on ultrafast x-ray scattering at the LCLS Free-Electron Laser and on photoelectron spectroscopy at Brown. Activities will focus on the analysis of x-ray data, on developing new, cutting-edge experiments, and on building new instrumentation at Brown and possibly at LCLS. 

The theory position will focus on the interpretation of experiments, making use of quantum dynamics simulations, electronic structure calculations, and computational methods for predicting observables, and on the development of new computational methods for the inversion of multimodal experimental data into molecular representations.

For both positions, collaborative work with the research groups of Martin Centurion (Nebraska), Daniel Rolles and Artem Rudenko (Kansas) and Ken Lopata (Louisiana) will feature prominently. Advanced x-ray and electron scattering experiments, spectroscopic investigations and high intensity phenomena will be explored and conducted at sources worldwide. We offer an exciting and collaborative research environment at the frontier of new ultrafast imaging experiments.

Applicants with relevant scientific and experimental experience, excellent written and verbal communication skills and desire to work with a fantastic team at multiple institutions are encouraged to apply. Interested candidates should contact Peter M Weber ( and Adam Kirrander (