Two Postdoc Positions in Theoretical Physics and Chemistry of Water at Stockholm University, Sweden

The project is funded through an ERC Advanced Grant (GAS-WAT) and focuses on determining the character and effects of structural fluctuations in liquid water. Is there “hidden” structure in normal liquid water? Do nanoscopic structural heterogeneities in ambient water exist and affect solution chemistry and aquatic life? From both experiment and theory a two-state picture of water is emerging with fluctuations between high- (HDL) and low-density (LDL) local structures at ambient conditions. The structure of these and time-scale on which they may exist are unknown.

We seek talented and highly motivated postdoctoral fellows in any of the areas of advanced force-field development including machine-learning techniques, molecular dynamics and/or Monte Carlo simulations of liquids, spectroscopy (X-ray and/or vibrational) simulations in liquids, as well as modelling of transport of solvated gases to biological membranes to address these issues.

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Deadline for application: 8 August 2022