Three PhD offerings in ultrafast kinetics and lithography at imec's AttoLab, Leuven, Belgium

Three PhD offerings in ultrafast kinetics and lithography at imec, a unique environment

At imec, in Leuven, Belgium, in affiliation with KU-Leuven along with other universities from around the world, PhD students have the excitement of working in an international environment with world-class expertise and using state-of-the-art facilities. Besides R&D with world-leading companies, imec strongly invests in fundamental research. This long-term research is key for imec’s research funnel. It is the base of our future R&D leading to industrial innovations. Currently, we have three fulltime positions opened in our new attosecond science laboratory, the AttoLab. Come join us to explore the ultrafast molecular dynamics of imageable polymers and their sub-10 nanometre-scale lithography that are exposed to 92.5 eV photons.


Adapt & use ultrafast spectrometry to unravel reaction dynamics in lithographic materials exposed to high harmonic generated extreme-ultraviolet radiation

EUV exposure of resists spans a complex reaction spectrum from 92 to 0.02 eV; this project seeks to study the radiolysis of high energy electrons and the subsequent chemistry of low energy electrons using ultrafast EUV, IR, Xray, and electron spectroscopies.


Extreme ultraviolet interference lithography

Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography is essential for the fabrication of advanced semiconductor devices. This project explores the capabilities of interference lithography using EUV high harmonic sources to produce features smaller than 10 nanometres.


Ab initio modeling of Extreme UV - Matter interactions

Are you ready for a PhD project in theory closely related to our new attosecond lab? Are you up to the challenge to unravel the chemistry needed for the next generation on nanotech?