Tenure Track position in physics for laser-matter interaction in high-intensity-high-repetition rate or ultra-high-intensity regime at LOA or LULI laboratories, France

The project will focus on new perspectives – theoretical and experimental – in the physics of laser-matter interaction opened up by ultra-short (femto-seconds) and intense lasers from IR* APOLLON and the LAPLACE project. At ultra-high laser intensity (multi-petawatt power), the project will study unexplored regimes of laser-plasma interaction such as signatures of strong-field quantum electrodynamics effects or access to the Schwinger regime. At high intensity (sub-petawatt power) and high rate (kHz scale), the optimization of the beam parameters of secondary sources of radiation and particles will guide the studies of the project. Predictive digital tools (improvement of codes, exascale architectures, machine learning in particular) will be developed for the interpretation and design of experiments. The expected of the project primarily concerns new perspectives in the physics of laser-matter interaction. It may also focus on new concepts for generating and optimizing sources, on applications in nonlinear physics and in multi-scale high spatial and temporal resolution imaging.

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Application deadline 31 August 2022