PostDoctorial fellowship: "Time-resolved spectroscopy/crystallography of red-and blue light photoreceptor proteins" at University of Uppsala, Sweden

I have a postdoctorial fellowship in time-resolved spectroscopy or crystallography of red- and blue light photoreceptor proteins available at the University of Uppsala from 1st of January 2024. My group works on on measuring molecular structural dynamics of proteins. We have in-depth experience with time-resolved infrared and 2DIR spectroscopy and time-resolved X-ray scattering/crystallography, and are now also picking up on time-resolved single-particle cryo EM. A typical project will involve pushing the method to new extremes and to discover new biology with it.  

Currently, I am looking for a motivated and self-going person, with documented experience in a relevant field for one of the topics below

  • Femtosecond time-resolved SFX investigations of phytochrome and photolyases/cryptochromes.
  • Femtosecond time-resolved infrared spectroscopy of phytochrome proteins.
  • Time-resolved cryo-EM of blue-light photoreceptor proteins.


Please contact me for more information or apply directly with a CV and a short motivational letter to my email.

Sebastian Westenhoff