Postdoctoral Researcher Ultrafast Soft-X-Ray Spectroscopy of Elementary Proton Transfer Reactions at the Max Born Institute, Berlin, Germany

The main objective of our research effort is the elucidation of ultrafast elementary charge transfer processes in solution. Currently we use and further develop state-of-the-art techniques to determine the structural dynamics of reactive donor-acceptor complexes, including electron transfer, proton transfer and proton-coupled-electron transfer of prototypical molecular donor-acceptor complexes, which function as model systems for processes as diverse as electronic charge flow, aqueous proton transport or energy conversion.

The candidate will work on the development and application of novel transient soft-x-ray spectroscopic techniques with high time resolution. This will include the application of soft-x-rays at large scale facilities as well as high-order harmonic radiation generated with a new table-top state-of-the-art femtosecond laser system for time-resolved x-ray spectroscopies based on an optical pump/x-ray probe approach. A recent activity involving the development of condensed phase transient soft-x-ray spectroscopy using novel liquid jet technologies will be further developed. 

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Deadline for application: 15 December 2022