Postdoctoral researcher to develop ultrafast X-ray methods for battery research at European XFEL, Hamburg, Germany

UltraBat project at the CNRS, the Danish Technical University (DTU) and the Collège de France to develop and perform ultrafast X-ray measurements on battery materials at the European XFEL. This postdoc is part of a Horizon Europe project focused on capturing ultrafast electron and ion dynamics in batteries with collaborators providing expertise in sample preparation, ultrafast optical characterization, NMR, X-ray techniques and theory.  The candidate will work closely with our ultrafast optical collaborators on developing common opto-electrochemical methods for both optical and X-ray measurements. This position is linked to a PhD student position (S-487) also available through the UltraBat project. The specific tasks are:
  • Contribute to the development of opto-electrochemical technique development for measurement of dynamics in battery materials
  • Design, plan and execute time-resolved X-ray experiments on materials relevant for battery research
  • Analyze time-resolved X-ray data using existing and new software tools
  • Propose X-ray measurements for sample characterization, both in operando and optically triggered
  • Participate in user experiments (including limited shift work) and contribute to the scientific activities of the FXE group in EuXFEL


Deadline for application: 30 November 2023