Postdoctoral researcher in the field of laser physics and engineering at Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Hamburg, Berlin

As part of the Institute, the Department HIBEF at the European XFEL in Schenefeld (Hamburg) is looking for a Postdoctoral researcher (f/m/d) in the field of laser physics and engineering.

Your tasks:

High-energy high-repetition-rate amplification has always been a pivotal development direction in laser technology. Here, THRILL plans on focusing on systems capable of delivering an energy above one kilojoule at a repetition rate of one shot per 1-to-5 minutes. The project is deliberately restricted to three enabling technologies that were estimated to require the most urgent efforts: high-energy high-repetition-rate amplification, high-energy beam transport and optical coating resilience for large optics. THRILL aims at advancing R&D to undertake these challenges by putting together the expertise of world-leading academic and industrial partners.

The successful candidate (f/m/d) will be contribute to the HZDR task “compilation of a CDR –A kJ laser for dynamic compression and high-field science at EuXFEL”.

The objective of this sub-task is to study the technical feasibility and possible implementation of a multi kJ laser system tailored for use at the European Free Electron Laser (EuXFEL). Higher than currently available energy per pulse is demanded by the scientific needs of the dynamic compression community, to
generate relativistic plasmas and study high field QED effects. The WP aims to deliver the CDR of a dual system delivering kJ ns and/or PW sub ps pulses. The state of the art, and future developments required for the laser amplification chain architecture will be assessed based on output from other work packages, the result a special tailored blueprint should be the basis of commercialization.


Deadline for application: 30 November 2023