Postdoctoral Research Associate Position in Ultrafast Dynamics of Photoactive Proteins at the University of Bristol, UK

A research associate position in experimental ultrafast dynamics studies of photoactive proteins is available in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol, supported by BBSRC Grant BB/W003449/1, Creating and comprehending the circuitry of life: precise biomolecular design of multi-centre redox enzymes for a synthetic metabolism.

The multidisciplinary project aims to design, synthesise and characterise (using novel ultrafast spectroscopies) modular de novo proteins capable of broadband solar energy capture to drive redox catalysis. This approach will provide an unprecedented framework to better understand and exploit the exceptional properties of natural energy and electron conducting proteins.

The research associate will work on the following objectives: (i) contribute to the assembly and characterisation of spectrometers using a new commercial ultrafast laser system to probe photoinduced dynamics spanning 100 femtoseconds to 1 millisecond; (ii) determine the rates of photoinduced electron transfer in designer proteins; (iii) elucidate the ultrafast electronic energy transfer pathways in specially tailored photoactive proteins using 2D electronic spectroscopy.


Deadline for application: 30 May 2023