Postdoctoral Position: Using Optical Cycling Centers to develop Quantum Functional Groups at UCLA, Los Angeles, CA, USA

A postdoctoral position at UCLA is available in an effort working to explore the use of optical cycling centers in large molecules as hosts of quantum information (qubits).  See for a recent publication from this experiment. 

The postdoctoral researcher will be responsible for recording and analyzing spectroscopy of candidate molecules, using this information to refine the approach, and performing quantum operations on the molecules. The work will primarily be done in a cryogenic molecular beam using pulsed dye lasers for excitation and grating spectroscopy. 

Our work is highly collaborative and the postdoc will be expected to work with a team of quantum chemists who provide structure calculations and a team of physicists who are working to develop schemes for harnessing molecular structure for quantum information purposes. The postdoc will also be expected to collaborate with organic chemists who provide molecular synthesis capabilities to the effort. Some prior experience with molecular beams, pulse dye lasers, cryogenics, and spectroscopy is helpful but not strictly necessary.


Eric Hudson


David S. Saxon Presidential Chair

UCLA Department of Physics & Astronomy, Professor |

UCLA Center for Quantum Science and Engineering, Co-Director |

Challenge Institute for Quantum Computation, Co-Director |