Postdoctoral position on ultrafast electrons dynamics in hybrid perovskites, Institute Polytechnique of Paris, France

The Institute Polytechnique of Paris is seeking a post-doctoral research assistant to realize a newly funded ANR project entitled: “correlated electron and structural dynamics in quasi-2D HYbrid PErovskites.

Within this project, we intend to monitor concurrent excited state and screening dynamics on ultrafast timescales Hybrid lead halide perovskites. Time resolved photoemission, will be employed to follow the exciton formation, quantify the spin-orbit interaction, and study the screening effects due to dynamic disorder, cation orientation and electronic confinement. The experiments will be mainly done on the FemtoARPES setup ( see also ), in team work with collaborators having strong expertise in ultrafast lasers, photoelectron spectroscopy and material science. During his stay, the Postdoctoral fellow will be also involved in research activities on charge density waves compounds and spintronic THz emitters.

Some assets of the offered position are: Being part of a carefully planned research project, which will lead to short terms outcomes. Freedom to propose and develop new research lines. Full access to well-equipped and already operational laboratories. Location near Paris. Access to many different sport facilities of the IP Paris campus. Collaboration and regular exchanges with our project partners at the Fritz Haber Institute of Berlin.

We are looking for highly qualified scientists for a Postdoc starting any period between March and October 2022. The employment contract is for a 2 years’ appointment. Applicants should hold a PhD in physics, have a good knowledge in solid state physics, demonstrate strong motivation and personal initiative. Experience with angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy and femtosecond lasers are welcome.

To apply, please send, a CV and 2 recommendation letters and a motivation letter directly to