Postdoctoral position in theoretical plasma physics focused on high-intensity laser matter interactions at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

Information about the division and the research 
Stimulated by major challenges in science and the need to attain a sustainable society, the Department of Physics strives to provide a creative, collaborative, and inclusive environment for academic research, learning, outreach, and innovation. We address a wide array of experimental, computational, methodological, and theoretical challenges in fields ranging from fundamental and materials physics to nanotechnology and energy research. We have a strong teaching commitment at all levels, from undergraduate to PhD. We are situated in a stimulating and creative environment with attractive facilities located in central Gothenburg.

The Division of Subatomic, High-Energy and Plasma Physics performs research on theoretical and experimental subatomic physics, mathematical and high-energy physics, plasma and fusion physics, as well as nuclear physics. This diversity of research topics allows us to connect fundamental questions about the particles and forces governing our Universe to energy-related research. The methods of our investigations are also diverse and complementary, and range from theory and computer simulations to experiments. 

The Plasma Theory group within the Division conducts research on acceleration and radiation generation in magnetic fusion, laser-produced and astrophysical plasmas. The potential applications range from cancer therapy and material diagnostics, to improved design of magnetic fusion devices for energy production.

We invite applications for a postdoctoral positions in theoretical plasma physics focused on high-intensity laser matter interactions.

Major responsibilities
Your major responsibility as a postdoc is to perform your research in a research group. The research will be focused on the study of the plasma dynamics in laser-wakefield acceleration, in particular simulation of schemes for production of ultrashort electron-bunches, as well as synthetic diagnostics of the laser-plasma accelerator and effects of electron bunch induced strong fields on various materials.


Application deadline: 2022-08-31