Postdoctoral position in molecular dynamics simulations, University of Leeds, England

This new and exciting position is funded by the British Heart Foundation and will enable us to extend our studies on the functions and regulations of Piezo1 mechanosensitive channel. Piezo1 channel is a critical mechanical sensor in endothelial cells, red blood cells and other cell types such as cardiac fibroblasts. Mutations on Piezo1 have been shown to result in a number of cardiovascular diseases. Building a detailed molecular and dynamic understanding of Piezo1, which will complement the available functional and regulatory data, will fill an important gap in our understanding of the functions and regulations of this biologically important channel.

You will use modelling and simulation tools to perform molecular dynamics simulations of Piezo1 channel in complex model membranes both at the coarse-grained and atomistic resolution. These simulations will facilitate us to address key questions about the regulatory mechanism of Piezo1 by important endogenous substances. You will work in the group of Dr Jian Shi at the Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine (LICAMM), and the work will involve close and interactive collaboration with the groups of Dr Antreas Kalli, Prof David Beech and Prof Lee Roberts within LICAMM.


Deadline for application: 23 February 2023