Postdoctoral position in experimental ion –molecular cluster collisions in the Centre de recherche sur les ions, les matériaux et la photonique, Caen, France

The postdoctoral researcher will integrate the Atoms, Molecules and Clusters (AMA) team of CIMAP laboratory - Centre de recherche sur les ions, les matériaux et la photonique (Caen, France). She/he will be involved in the ANR FRAPA project (Formation and Reactivity of carbonaceous Aerosols in Planetary Atmospheres). The aim of the project is to study particle growth and destruction mechanisms induced by ions colliding with loosely bound carbonaceous molecular clusters (PAH, small hydrocarbon molecules). This requires the development of a novel pump-probe experimental set-up which allows to prepare complex targets and to clearly identify the final reaction products by tandem mass spectrometry (with two ionizing beams: ions as a pump and photons as a probe) based on an electrostatic trap. The aim is to obtain detailed information (size, structure, stability-lifetime of selected species) of the ion-induced reaction products.
Her/his mission will be develop a novel experimental set-up based on an electrostatic trap which will be coupled with an Eve –Lavie valve (to produce molecular clusters) and ion/photon beams. She/he will participate in investigation of ion-induced reactivity within molecular clusters.


Deadline for application: 3 April 2023