Postdoctoral position experimental physical chemistry / astrochemistry at UC Berkeley, USA

A postdoctoral research position in experimental physical chemistry / lab astrochemistry is available in the Department of Chemistry at UC Berkeley with Professor Jennifer Bergner. Research in the Bergner Group explores the chemistry of volatile molecules in star- and planet-forming environments, with a focus on understanding how astrochemistry influences the composition and potential habitability of nascent planets. The successful applicant will join a vibrant research environment; in addition to the premier physical chemistry program at Cal, Berkeley is home to numerous other fantastic programs relevant to physical chemistry and astrochemistry including Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, the Space Sciences Lab, and the Center for Integrated Planetary Science.

The position will involve building and utilizing experimental setups for studying the chemistry and microphysics of astrophysically relevant volatile molecules in the ice phase. Anticipated roles include contributing to the design and assembly of new cryogenic UHV experimental setups; developing and leading research projects including the collection, analysis, interpretation, and reporting of experimental results; and mentoring undergraduate and graduate students.

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Deadline for application: 1 January 2023