Postdoctoral or Research Engineer position at the École Normale Supérieure, Lyon, France

The Chemistry Laboratory of École Normale Supérieure de Lyon is seeking a postdoctoral or research engineer candidate to join their renowned team of experts in the synthesis and elaboration of molecules and materials with multiphoton absorption for various applications, including bioimaging, photodynamic therapy, optical limitation, and multiphoton 3D printing.

The Photonics and Biophotonics team at École Normale Supérieure de Lyon is involved in the characterization of the two-photon spectroscopic properties of such compounds and has constructed several spectroscopic instruments to this aim. To further advance this research, we are seeking a highly motivated candidate to investigate the two-photon absorption properties of dyes and materials in the Shortwave Infrared range.

In this role, the successful candidate will be responsible for conducting nonlinear spectroscopic experiments using newly built femtosecond Z-scan and Two-Photon Excited Fluorescence experiments. Additionally, the recruited person will work closely with organic and material chemists to optimize the photophysical properties of the compounds for target applications.

The ideal candidate should possess a working knowledge of nonlinear optics and laser spectroscopy. We are seeking a highly motivated, dynamic individual who is comfortable working alone or in a team. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to participate in various research topics involving nonlinear spectroscopy, including collaborations with industry.

In this exciting research opportunity, the candidate will join a multidisciplinary laboratory with a collegial and flexible working environment.

The position offers an excellent platform for postdoctoral or research engineer training and development, with ample opportunities for career growth and publication of research findings in high-impact journals. This is an exciting opportunity to join a world-class research team and make significant contributions to the advancement of the field of multiphoton absorption.

Fixed term contract: 12 months

Start date: immediately available

Salary: According to experience, based on the salary scheme of Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University (UCBL)

Required training: PhD in physics or physical-chemistry with background in nonlinear optics


For further information and to apply, contact:



tel: +33472728858