Postdoctoral fellow positions in Ultrafast and nonlinear spectroscopy for energy conversion, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

 Research:  Developing efficient and low-cost technologies for energy conversion and storage is one of the most important scientific challenges today. The research program in the Lian group is focused on advancing fundamental understanding of interfacial structure and dynamics that governs charge transport, energy conversion and chemical transformation in these devices. One of our key research activities is the development and application of state-of-the-art ultrafast and nonlinear spectroscopy techniques for the in situ study of these interfacial dynamics under photocatalytic, photoelectrochemical and electrocatalytic conditions. Further details of our research can be found in our web site ( ) and in our recent publications ( ).


Unique training and networking opportunity:  A unique aspect of research in the Lian group is the extensive collaboration with top research groups in the US through multiple joint grants and collaborative projects.  For example, the Lian group is a member of the multi-institution DOE Solar Fuels Hub, Center for Hybrid Approaches in Solar Energy to Liquid Fuels (CHASE,  ) and leads a multi-institution DOD MURI program on fundamental study of electrochemical interfaces for energy conversion ( ).


Requirement:  Applicants should be highly motivated researchers with experience in ultrafast and nonlinear spectroscopy and/or electrochemistry/photoelectrochemistry; and have a PhD in chemistry, physics, optics or related fields. 


Starting date: ASAP


Details of the position: Starting salary > $48,000, including standard benefits for postdoctoral fellows. Appointments are for one year and can be renewed annually upon mutual agreement. Emory University ( is a highly ranked private university located in Atlanta, Georgia, which is a major US city with relatively low cost of living.


How to apply: please contact Tim Lian at