Postdoc position "Time-resolved laser spectroscopy on excitons and charges in 2D materials" at TU Delft in The Netherlands

The project focuses on ultrathin 2D layered metal-chalcogenide semiconductors and Topological Insulators that are of interest for development of highly efficient ultrathin photovoltaics.
You will carry out femtosecond pump-probe laser spectroscopy on exciton and charge carrier dynamics in materials such as 2D semiconductors MX2 (M = Mo, W, Re, Zr, or Hf and X = S, Se or Te) and topological insulator nanosheets (e.g. Bi2Se3). Using optical and terahertz conductivity measurements you will characterize the formation, mobility and decay kinetics of excitons and charge carriers. Particular attention will be paid to production of two or more electron-hole pairs for the absorption of a single photon via a process known as carrier multiplication (CM). CM can significantly enhance the efficiency of a solar cell.

The project has a duration of 21 months and is carried out in collaboration with prof. Peter Schall at the University of Amsterdam and Toyota Motor Europe in Brussels.

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