Postdoc position Theoretical/numerical Modeling in laser-matter Interaction, CELIA, Bordeaux University, France

The CEntre Lasers Intenses et Applications (CELIA) located at Bordeaux University, France, develops research activities on ultrafast laser-matter interaction ( This laboratory carries out an important scientific program on the emission of secondary radiations, from the terahertz to the gamma range, for numerous applications including the probing of dense plasmas, molecular spectroscopy or medical imaging.
We have a fully-funded postdoc position at CELIA on secondary terahertz (THz) radiations driven by ultra-intense light pulses in laser-solid interactions. The topic aims to study the generation of giant THz/GHz pulses emitted by relativistic plasmas driven by petawatt laser pulses irradiating solid targets. The research will consist in investigating the different laser-to-THz conversion mechanisms associated with various laser-target parameters by means of semi-analytical models and particle-in-cell simulations. The work also plans the validation of these models using experimental data acquired from CELIA's laser facilities and/or from external collaborations.
Candidates must have a doctoral degree in plasma physics or in related discipline with demonstrable experience in high-performance computing.