Postdoc Position in Zeeman-Sisyphus Deceleration of Molecules at Durham University, England

A Postdoctoral Research Associate position is available to pursue experimental research in the field of atomic and laser physics within the Durham Quantum Light and Matter group. The position is associated with the Zeeman-Sisyphus Deceleration of Molecules grant funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC). The aim of which is to build and optimise a novel decelerator for calcium monofluoride molecules.

The post holder will work closely with Dr. Hannah Williams and other members of the research group and will be expected to display the initiative and creativity, together with the appropriate skills and knowledge, required to lead and develop the experiment to meet the project goals. These include: (1) Building and characterising a molecular buffer gas source (2) Simulations of the deceleration method (3) Complete characterisation and optimisation of the decelerator to produce a slow molecular beam.


Deadline for application: 6 April 2023